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  1. Airlines must ensure how they are using its customers’ information and communicating and following through that their information will not be sold or released for purposes outside of travel necessities.
  2. Its policies and use of information must be readily available for all current and future guests to read.
  3. Upon booking a ticket with a company, the airline must explicitly state how the information will be used before the guest purchases.
  1. The ethical board must approve all marketing practices of said aviation company.
  2. There must be no conflict of interests, biases, or targeted phrasing in the postings. These include sexual orientation, gender, race, wealth, religion, political, or ability.
  3. They must be focused on the future. There will be no references to past incidents or issues.
  1. Active listening and noting keywords or phrases is crucial to ensuring the correct message is being received.
  2. Responses on any platform must receive a reply within 24 hours to ensure timely communications efforts.
  3. All engagements must be respectful and truthful, regardless of the nature of the comment.
  1. All other responses and communications will cease to give attention and respect to the crisis.
  2. A preliminary statement will go out across platforms to acknowledge the crisis and ensure it is being looked into.
  3. Create a link on the company website and additional social media platforms to direct all traffic for that specific situation with FAQs, live chats, and continuous updates.
  4. Have a reliable place for people to respond to and release their frustrations or anger so that the company can control the situation in one single streamlined platform.



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Stacy Johnson

Stacy Johnson

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Determined to highlight barriers against women and drive solutions via my travels, extending from Thailand to Costa Rica. Big talker, global communicator.